The Literary Works of Anderson Andrews

Anderson Andrews is a member of the
"The Alliance of Independent Authors."

Your support of Indy-Authors is  appreciated. Innovative works such as these often go unnoticed, because they're not sold by large publishing firms. 

These five novels are a five-book a 'pentalogy series' of memoirs that recount more than fifty years of the not-so-ordinary life of one of the most unique characters you'll ever read about. It's a 'Journey into Mastery' that you can share. The other two books supplement the series by delving even deeper into the mind of the author. Each book can be read separately, however, it's recommended they all be read in order to grasp the totality of the information presented.
Unlocking Potentials, Expanding Awareness, Changing Consciousness
Fulfillment comes when you're willing to live 'on the edge' in pursuit of your personal truth, rather than performing within the known limits. That's the freedom we have as Indie Authors, and it is something that many creatives, with their multiple accountabilities, simply do not. When we have the freedom to operate right on that edge, then we also have a responsibility to not step back into a creative comfort zone. I urge that anyone who has this precious freedom available to them ... to take the chance ... that they will leave this world changed forever ... by whatever it is they do.
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​Please Note: all 7-books are currently being updated and edited. 
You may purchase now ... or wait until the revisions come out ... due by mid-August 2018.