A Note to Buyers:
Our 6” x 9” paperback novels are only available at online bookstores … a partial list can be found below. Our novels are not being sold in physical earth-based 3-D bookstores, on Kindle, or in hardback format. Why . . . because large bookstores receive 55% of all sales, plus the author must pay a distributor and also bear the cost of printing the novels and shipping them . . . by that time, authors are left with little profit. With online sales, our out of pocket cost is only 40%. As for Kindle, at this time it is not a perfected science. An author’s work is not safe and can be easily pirated over the internet. Also, very little is gained from eBooks because Amazon retains most of the profits for itself. As for hardback novels, they are very expensive to create, and for most customers, too expensive to buy. So as you can see, Indie authors are constantly being ripped off by corporate greed because everyone involved is trying to get a piece of the pie.  To keep prices as low as possible, and still make money, we only sell our novels in paperback format. However, you have many choices of online bookstores available to buy our novels from. Remember, when you purchase one of our novels, you're helping to raise awareness about the need for prison reform and thereby making the world a much better place to live in ... for that, the Universe thanks you very much.

www.AngusRobertson.com.au (Australia)

The complete list is still being processed ... please check back at a later date ...
however, when you go to the website for each individual book, there is a link that will take to both Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

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